Photography ~ Art ~ Mixed Media ~ Face Masks, Scarves & More!
Capturing Life - From Events (Including Births, Weddings, Funerals, Reunions, etc.) to Portraits, Headshots and Much More!
I'd LOVE to Capture Your Next Event! You May Also Purchase Prints - Framed, Canvas, Metal, Matted, Greeting Cards & Bookmarks! 

I forget what I was searching for but I stumbled upon your site and loved it! Something about the content and layout that I felt compelled to give you some positive feedback. Anyway keep up the great work and have a pleasant day. 03sM5j_tA9dT
Hi Kathleen, my name is Todd Anderson and I know we’ve met before along our journey of music and life. I am planning to reinvent my music career this year and I think I could use your help. I need some advice for branding, marketing and definitely some of your great photography.
Do you have some time to give me a call this week?
My phone number is 612-462-4697.
Thank you very much
Todd Anderson
Hey Kathleen! very cool to meet you at the valentines dance!
give a call anytime- get together and chat...
Hey Kathy, thanks again for the beautiful wedding photos. We have several proudly displayed throughout our home, they bring back the fondest memories. I'll never forget how you went above and beyond for my husband and I on our big day, and I recommend you to everyone who is looking for your talent!
I highly recommend Kathy as a wedding photographer! Our wedding was such a beautiful day that we wish we could relive again but luckily the photos she captured bring us right back to each moment. Family is so important to us and we can truly feel the love seeing the joy on our daughter’s faces as they celebrated us.

Planning a wedding can be stressful, there’s so much to consider. But Kathy helped make our photo planning easy and seamless. She communicated clearly and planned with us ahead of time to make sure everything we dreamed of was possible. We truly enjoyed every minute of taking photos because Kathy is so down to earth and fun to work with!

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